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XCFpay Blockchain

Apps coming

XCFpay network is now in production. We have now started initial business registration. Apps will be available shortly.
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For you

Contracts and Services

XCFpay makes digitally signed contracts easy and brings blockchain to everyone. Make your digital agreements for your personal need or small business. Get an insurance policy as smart contract, buy electricity linked to your smart contract, and many more, it is easy. Create payments conveniently for your contracts.

You can find verified companies and subscribe to services you need using digital contracts.

XCFpay creates a community of trusted companies with transparent transactions.

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For you

Instant Payments

XCFpay allows everyone to join the world of secure digital payments. Payments are 100% traceable, giving you peace of mind for your payment.

Fast, Easy, Secure. Make payments without the need for cash or the security risk of carrying cash.

To get started you only need an email address and our app!

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For Business

Register Your Business

XCFpay provides a possibility to expand your business with smart contract and better security using digital payments without the need for carrying cash.

Get your own XCFpay QR code and receive digital XCF payments in your shop or online, anytime. Claim your free listing in XCFpay app services and reach more customers.

Take advantage of digital contracts, formal or informal, small or big, it is easy.

OPEN NOW! Join today, it is free and easy.


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